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Giorgio Armani x Luca Guadagnino – A Passion Driven Collaboration Cooking Up

If we can find the words to describe the trigger that sets in us at the news of a collaboration, we wont be here telling you about it. The product of collaborative jobs have left profound success in fashion records and other spheres. There is so much excitement we are trying so hard to conceal about this collaboration as Giorgio Armani spanned out of fashion into cinematography. Isn’t that great news?


“Cinema is a form of magic that’s hard to resist,” “I have often wondered what my life would have been without films. Surely, I would not have become the man and designer that I am today.” says  Giorgio Armani.


The Armani/Laboratorio passion project is a film-making workshop, which will be held at Milan’s Armani/Silos museum in November 2018, it is a free intensive training course for young film fans and students. Successful Armani/Laboratorio applicants will learn the practice of directing, screenwriting, cinematography, editing, production design, costume design, make-up and hair styling under the direction of Luca Guadagnino, an Italian film director who has collaborated a number of times with great minds.





Armani’s little way of paying homage to an art form that has always inspired him is the intent behind the mentoring scheme which he refers to as “film atelier.”


“When I was a child, I’d go to the cinema after school, and I imagined living the same adventures, the same emotions I saw projected on the screen,” he shares. “The pure elegance of Notorious, the intense suspension of reality in Vertigo, and the dark, entrancing aesthetics of Blade Runner… all forged my style as well as the way I understand both elegance and communication”.


Armani/Laboratorio was born out of his desire to share these stories with the next generation.


“I have made it something of a personal mission to support and encourage young talents,” “mentoring is an excellent way to do this, as you are not simply imposing your beliefs on others, you are engaging with their opinions and encouraging them to fulfil their own potential. The relationship benefits the mentor as much as the mentee.”

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