Monday, December 4, 2023 Just Launched The First Women-Only Co-working Space In Nigeria

Often times women forget how much they inspire each other, no one understands women like women, what ever a woman is faced with, there are thousands of women in the same condition therefore offering support to each other is the best way to go.

Work environment has changed drastically and there are better ways and newer ways of co working with people especially when you can not afford the resources your self, but most times, these facilities are catered to and centered around the male gender hence leaving the women who are faced with the same difficulty in isolation. Just Launched The First Women-Only Coworking Space In Nigeria

A contemporary female brand has brought a solution to the life impediment faced by women, the female brand has launched a Women only co-working space with a mission to aid women from different backgrounds and different professional path come together for collective support and building relationships. Just Launched The First Women-Only Coworking Space In Nigeria consists of an e-commerce market place for social media thrift sellers, an online community connecting women together and also the very first co-working space in Nigeria for only women. This initiative is to provide affordable co-working space for entrepreneurial women, it would be meeting the unique needs of these entrepreneurs by connecting them to various business experts, access to educational workshops, mentorship programs, and professional experts.

women supporting each other

This initiative is yet to go live, although you could sign up early and be on the waiting list to enjoy 20% discount on all offered services. It is situated right in the hearth of Yaba, Lagos which has a long history for business. This  only women working space would go live in January 2018.

Women must come to the understanding that they all need each other to survive.

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