Thursday, September 28, 2023

Google Is Digitizing The Worlds Top Fashion Archives

Google has launched a fashion initiative called “We Wear Culture”.
The We Wear Culture is a Google initiative for the Google culture institute, which is based on showcasing fashion as a culture as opposed to the cliché stereotype of fashion being just about trends and looking good.
“Including fashion content and these artifacts makes the Google Arts & Culture platform richer, which makes it a better and more comprehensive experience for the user” on why how the project is valuable to Google.

google initiative

The Google Culture Institute, which started in 2010, by Google employee Amid Sood, who used his“20 percent time” to kick start the Google art project, which digitizes the worlds museums and detailed cultural artifacts accessible to internet users.
The “We Wear Culture”project is led by Kate Lauter Bach, a google program manager who has worked at Conde Nast and Madewell.
The purpose of this initiative is to showcase thousands of clothing’s worldwide, online exhibitions and non profit partner museums and other crafts and culture driven partners, to share fashion stories,through the use of Google technology.
“Well, starting from art we expanded into culture. We did something around performance art, we did something around natural history; so very different, but the same idea: you take Google technologies, you apply them to this facet of culture and you produce something, you push the bounds, you do something different.” On the genesis of the culture institutes fashion project.

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