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Grace Bol Talks on Her Runway Success, African Inspirations & Dreams to Design

Top Sudanese model, Grace Bol has been on our radar for sometime now, having leapt to the fore of fashion editorials and campaigns over the last four years – but in a new inteview, the dark-skinned beauty has been discussing a recent success as a catwalk model – a terrain she hit her stride in just this season.

Ms Bol told of her castings for Proenza Schouler, Rick Owens and Hermes;

“I feel new this season. It was like I was starting again. When I began the season, I thought it was just going to be like the previous fashion weeks I had, so to have it be completely different meant a lot to me.


“Proenza Schouler was a very big surprise because I’d never even cast for them before… This was a season of firsts for me: Doing Balenciaga – I had never done their casting before, either – and Hermès, not only doing the show, but I ended up opening.”

The long-limbed talent, who’s known for her chiselled cheeks, dark complexion and closely-cropped hair also revealed her family aren’t so in the know about her climbing success in the industry, explaining;

“The thing is, I don’t talk to them about what I do at all. They know I live in New York, but they don’t know what I do. My mom just found out last year.”

Grace walking at Hermes and Balenciaga’s recent showcases

Talking on a possible change in career, the model even discussed her dream to become a designer and how her Sudanese heritage inspires her;

“I’m a little hooked on fashion [and] I hope to one day become a designer.

I love when I see something on the runway that relates back to my culture. I think that more designers than ever are looking to African culture for inspiration – this past season especially, a lot of things from the jewellery to the textiles felt like they were drawing from traditions you see in Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia.


It is fascinating the way designers can combine global influences into something entirely new, and at shows like Givenchy and Balenciaga I thought that was really cool. So much of what I enjoy is there already on the runway or in the stores, so for now I think I’m just going to shop!”

We at SPICE reckon Grace Bol’s creations would be pretty impressive, given all the designers she’s been fortuned to work with so far, and if her runway stomp is telling of her talent as a designer, we expect to be floored by her big move from modelling to designing, too.

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