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Graffiti Is Taking Over The Fashion Industry

Style is timeless but notwithstanding, each passing day creatives find better ways of doing things and giving more meaning to art. Slogans on tee and denim are as as old as style itself  but nowadays graffiti artists are making lots of money from hand painting on clothes, shoes and bags.

 Graffiti Artist in nigeria

Style stars are stepping up their game a notch and now wearing clothes hand painted and redesigned by graffiti artists.

 Graffiti Artist in nigeria

To be in the clear, Graffiti is a form of writing or drawing that is scribbled, scratched or painted illicitly on a wall, surface, or a public view and now on clothes. Graffiti is not a new form of art but is gradually gaining presence in the African Fashion Industry especially Nigeria.

 Graffiti Artist in nigeria

Dricky Stickman is one of the outstanding Graffiti artists in Nigeria to revamp clothes and make them look like they came straight out of Paris Fashion Week. Fruche is one of the Clothing brands that have showcased graffiti hand painted ensembles in their collection time without number.

 Graffiti Artist in nigeria

Celebrities and fashion fanatics are hand painting their whole closet, Nigerian Artist, Simi wore a hand painted denim jacket with her name scribbled 0n the sleeves  for her Simisola Album Cover Art. On Air personality, Toke Makinwa has been spotted several times with a hand painted denim pants by Dricky.

 Graffiti Artist in nigeria  Graffiti Artist in nigeria

Osa Seven is also a remarkable graffiti artist who has done a lot of scribbling on wals, designer handbags, and almost everything.

 Graffiti Artist in nigeria  Graffiti Artist in nigeria  Graffiti Artist in nigeria

It is certain that in two years from now Graffiti would be bigger than what it is especially in Africa and also more recognition awarded to these artists, as they often time seen as rebellious, but who doesn’t love art with an edge.



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