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GTB Food and Drink fair: The foodie in me by Utibe Ayi

SPICE’s Utibe Ayi attended the GTB Food and Drinks Fair and she writes in as she reviews the Fashion and lifestyle. We’d love to read your comments on this review.

The last time I was in such a large crowd was the Calabar carnival in 2016. I was almost transfixed at the entrance contemplating if to go back or forge ahead. Being in a really crowded place made me dizzy. Well, I had to go forward as I did not come this far to be chased back by the site of the crowd.

I would say the aroma in the air kept pushing me forward as I wasn’t in control of my legs anymore. For a brief moment I forgot about my phobia for crowded places. All I could think about was ‘look for a brand your familiar with and your good to go’, oh my! I found myself headed straight for the Wilson’s lemonade drink stand, afterwards to breakfast by Eros, I walked back again straight to jamo Afrique kitchen, to be frank I was literally confused. Life on a budget means having a plan on what to eat and when to eat. GTB Food and Drink fair had to be the biggest food party in Nigeria.

The best part is all the food kept replenishing it self. I digested a bowl of asun that kept speaking to me ‘get more get more’ I nearly fell for the trick of the devil when my mind said to me, your on a diet so I disregarded the asun. Trust me, I am trying my best not to make you salivate, I just can’t help it. I  fully anticipate the homecoming of #gtfoodanddrink 2018, am headed to go buy myself a peny box for the sole aim of eating lavishly come 2018 by Gods grace. Until then it’s lots of love from me.

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