Thursday, June 8, 2023

Gucci vs Dapper Dan, Knock Off Or Not?

Designers are always faced with the headache of releasing collections 6 months before production and just to have a knockoff in the market before the original piece is produced. Most times these knock offs are not the issue but the consumer of the luxury brand putting on an original and looking just the same as a high school student who got her fake from a store down the road. So many times designers are being called out for outright copy of a piece or a full collection from another brand. Gucci could not be exempted, Gucci’s 2018 resort collection was a dream collection with a lot of inspiration from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, well one look has become the center of attraction (ironically speaking) and has got people accusing Alessandro Michele of stealing Dapper Dan 1988 fur jacket with puffed out sleeves created from the Luis Vuitton monogram print original piece. Dapper Dan a black Herlem tailor became a fashion icon for dressing notable figures in crafted custom made ensembles that spoke to the black culture, using luxe fabrics from high end fashion houses as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Fendi.

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The said jacket in question was created for Olympic medalist Diane Dixon, nearly three decades after Gucci has the same replica of this iconic piece.

After much buzz on social media, Gucci has responded to claims indeed that piece was indeed influenced by Dapper Dan original. According to Gucci it’s an “homage” that “celebrates an iconic style of hip-hop fashion culture from the ’80,” which “legendary tailor Dapper Dan influenced…by making such custom pieces for his rapper and athlete clients out of logos from famous fashion houses, including Gucci.” A spokes person from Gucci told The New York Times that creative director Alessandro Michele reached out to Dapper Dan and is looking to collaborate but has yet to hear back. Until that happens stay tuned to Spice TV Africa.

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