Wednesday, February 1, 2023

“Gym Kardashian” Is Twitter’s New Favorite Meme

2017 was the absolute year of trolling, extreme trends, and of course wild memes. Every single celebrity facial expression worthy of a meme got one. From Nigeria’s meme king Odunlade Adekola, to the Penny wise memes, to salt bae and many more, we just couldn’t have enough of the hilarious memes and the captions that came with them.

2018 on the other has proven that it will be a great year for memes too, with quite a number trending memes, just less than 60 days into the New Year.  From the Grammy memes, to the Balenciaga infused Kanye and Justin Bieber memes. The internet is back at it again and the latest celebrity is the Internets favorite reality star Kim kardashian.

ki kardashian west


Memes of doctored images of mama Chi with ripped masculine arms took over twitter and users really had the best laugh about the pictures called “Gym kardashian”. Below are some of the funniest comments we came across.

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