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Hair and Beauty regimes: Rice water essential tips


Rice water has been one of the top beauty regimes used by Japanese women dating back to 800 DC. It is one of the most uncomplicated beauty regimes of all time, for hair, skin and general health. Guess what; it cost a whole lot less than processed products, giving you the same results at a lower price. Rice extracts are used by a lot of cosmetic companies for various beauty formulas; a popular example is kojic acid which is an extract of rice, used for brightening and toning the skin.


Rice water is gotten from either soaking the rice in water for about 30-45 minutes before separating the water from the rice, or can be gotten from parboiled rice water. This product can be stored in a tight cap jar and refrigerated for about 4 days.

Beauty regime


Rice water contains vitamins and minerals that are essential to achieve that radiant, ageless, and flawless skin you have always dreamed of. Rice water can be in cooperated in your daily beauty regime in numerous ways.

Rice water as a toner


Rice is rich in Insitol, which helps slow down ageing and also stimulates blood flow. It also has moisturising antioxidant properties, which are totally what you need to keep your body timeless; furthermore, rice water prevents spots and hyper pigmentation from occurring.


  • Wash your face, and then pat dry with a clean face towel.
  • Dampen your cotton wool in rice water and apply in a circular motion all over your face.

This process can be done every night.

Rice water can also be used to treat skin irritation and rashes. It is also used for cooling burns, easing the effects of eczema, cools redness from outbreaks and heals acnes.

Does it get any better?????? Of course it does.

Rice water for healthy hair.


The vitamins and minerals rice water contains, is not only amazing for your skin, but also your hair. In 800 DC, ancient Japanese women will rinse their hair in a bowl of rice water after washing it.



  • Because rice water contains proteins that strengthens the hair and enables elasticity.
  • Rice water adds moisture to hair, making dry, coarse hair more tolerable.
  • Rice water enables the hair grow a lot faster and improves the texture.


After shampooing hair, rice water should be used to rinse off hair then left to dry naturally.

NP– rice water can be rinsed off or left on hair to dry off.

It can also be added to essential oils and applied to hair as a weekly treatment.

Rice water and egg mask



Rice water

Egg yolk

Essential oil


  • Mix the rice water, egg yolk and essential oil of your choice in a bowl, then apply to hair carefully massaging the mixture all the way down to the scalp.
  • Wrap in a shower polythene shower cap for about 30-45 minutes and wash off
  • Leave hair to dry naturally.

Rice water for health benefits maxresdefault (1)

Rice water contains more than five different amino acids, which are totally good for building tissues. It is also a source of carbohydrate which provides the body with energy. Drinking a cup of rice water can do the body a ton of good.

NP- diabetic patients should please contact their medical advisors before consuming rice water.


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