Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Hairy Selfie Nail Trend

Say hello to newest, craziest, and weirdest nail art trend. The hairy nail selfie trend has caught a number of attentions, including our. This trend is basically (or not so basic) drawing your face on your nails and adding strands of hair extensions to the tip of your nails to make it seem like the hair on the head of a person.

hairy selfie nail art by dain

It was first the furry nail trend that surfaced sometime at the end of 2016 through the early months of 2017. Now a revamped 4.0 version of this trend is here and even though we want to believe it will die down like other outrageous trends, we really can’t guaranty it.

hairy selfie nail

Creative illusion artist Dain Yoon seems to be the pioneer of this wild wild trend. She shared a picture of this creatively weird nail art trend on her Instagram. Although a lot of the comments that followed after the post dropped on Dain’s Instagram has left people with mixed emotions, we won’t be surprised if a lot of people start jumping on this trend, just like they did with the swirly eyebrow trend and every other weird trend we thought was crazy until it went viral.

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