Thursday, June 8, 2023

Haitian Artist Celebrates Black Hair with Digital Portraits

Visual artist, Pierre Jean Louis has been busy celebrating his sister’s natural hair journey with a series of inspirational portraits revealed online.

The son of popular oil painter Bonaventure Jean Louis, was not only inspired by his sis’ growing fro, but the trending hashtag #BlackGirlMagic – the Haitain artist using an app called Enlight to photoshop cosmic elements into selfies he found online, creating utterly magic results of his own.


Speaking to, the 23-year-old artist said of his work;

“I feel comfortable to do black women more because [their] hair is more flexible. But women inspire me, in general, when it comes to art. It’s women and nature – the world around me, actually.


A lot of black females don’t feel comfortable wearing their natural hair, but the ones that do – as an artist, I have to tell them how much I appreciate them for being comfortable and proud for rocking their natural hair. Those pictures that I make – it’s for the ones who are proud of themselves and proud to show their African heritage. Maybe I can inspire some other black girls to just join them, and just say ‘F the world. I’m going to do whatever. I’m just going to do myself.”

Team SPICE love the otherworldly results Pierre Jean Louis has come up with, and the way they capture #BlackGirlMagic – but take a look at the rest of the portraits below, follow his Insta here and then let us know what you think, by tagging us @SPICETVAFRICA.






Image source: @Pierre_artista

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