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Halal Nail Polish by Orly X

Nail polish is one of a girls best friend. Over the years what used to be bare nail color, simply used to add a pop of color on our fingers has since advanced into a tool for expressing moods, emotions and personalities. powder, gel, acrylic, antioxidant-infused,  harsh-chemical-free, and even vegan, are a few of the long chain of nail polish variety.


But strictly abiding Muslim women have been left out of the nail color frenzy for way to long, because of the non halal factor of nail polish, which prevents the penetration of water on the nails during abulution.

In a time when the fashion and beauty world have finally decided to pay long overdue attention to Muslim women, the halal nail polish couldn’t have come at a better time.


muslimgirl.comm and nail beauty pro, Orly have teamed up to bring a limited collection of pro halal certified, water permeable nail polish called #Halalpaint for Muslim women.

This collaboration with ORLY is a major way that we are making space for diversity in the beauty industry. There’s no reason why options shouldn’t be available for all women to practice beauty in the way that suits them and satisfies their needs.


muslimgirl.cooom is a website founded by a Muslim for both Muslims and non Muslims to correct misconception on Islam and the supposed objectivity and oppression Muslim women face and “bridge the gap between religions through the spirit of sisterhood”.


A collection is incomplete without a signature name and the Halalpaint is no different. The collaboration came up with unique names like Wallah Bro wipe out,What the Fatima, Haram-Bae, Ig-Noor the haters and the Perfect Amani Cure, named after the founder of Amani Al- Khatahtbeh.



The new Halal paint comes in six different colors namely; Grape, cherry red, white, metallic taupe, beige, and glassy topcoat, we don’t see a reason to take them off.

Orly’s full line of Breathable polishes is likewise halal-certified.

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