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Halal Nail Polish Every Muslim Nail Art Lover Should Know.

Over the decades what used to be bare nail color, simply used to add a pop of color on our fingers has since advanced into a tool for expressing moods, emotions and personalities. Powder, gel, acrylic, antioxidant-infused,  harsh-chemical-free, and even vegan, are a few of the long chain of nail polish variety.

But strictly abiding Muslim women have been left out of the nail color frenzy for way to long, because of the non halal factor of nail polish, which prevents the penetration of water on the nails during ablution.  In a time when the fashion and beauty world have finally decided to pay long overdue attention to Muslim women, the halal nail polish couldn’t have come at a better time.

Below are a couple of Halal Nail Polish we think every Muslim woman crazy about nail polish should know.

  1. 786 Halal Nail Polish.


786 halal nail polish


This product cost $13 and is with a formula that contains no alcohol or animal products. It also allows for penetration of water during ablution.

  1. Love Your Nails Ch2color Complex.


lyn halal nail polish


LYN is a famous French based company which has a really cool line of halal nail polish, which comes in beautiful colors like green soft green and bold royal blue. This product goes for $20 a piece.

  1. Ingolt Breathable Nail Polish.

ingolt breathable halal nail polish


Ingolt is one of the few brands that has gained popularity amongst Muslim women over the years. The brand produced its first halal collection back in 2013 and has since become a favourite. The formula is said to contain air and water permeable nail enamels which makes it halal. These babies cost $17 per piece.

  1. ORLY Halal Paint


orly halal breathable nail polish and nail beauty pro, Orly teamed up sometime last year to create a limited collection of pro halal certified, water permeable nail polish. The Halal paint comes in six different colors namely; Grape, cherry red, white, metallic taupe, beige, and glassy topcoat.

  1. Maya Cosmetics Breathable Nail Lacquer.


maya cosmetics breathable halal nail polish


The Maya cosmetics breathable nail lacquer is said to have a formula that allows water and air to absorb through the polish and into the nails which makes it halal for Muslim Women. It goes for $14 a piece.

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