Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Haunting UK Art Installation Remembers Nigeria’s Missing Chibok Girls

Marking the 100th day since more than 200 young girls were kidnapped in Nigeria by Islamic fundamentalist group Boko Haram, Sarah Peace – a UK-based Nigerian artist – has revealed a haunting installation, titled “Chibok100.”

The free, public art installation was created to honour the missing girls of Chibok, Nigeria, with its construction aided by a team of young female volunteers from the Rosebud Centre for Girls – an organisation that helps young girls aged 11-19 years old.

Chibok 100

The piece saw black hoods wrapped around bamboo sticks and chicken wire, which stood to represent the missing girls who have been in captivity since April 14th, 2014, with the artist explaining;

“It was important to place the figures in an atmospheric environment. This setting evokes memories of the Sambisa Forest where the missing girls were last seen.

I was originally going to dress the figures but that would have been to colourful and cheerful because even if the girls were returned their deeply religious communities would not accept them and they would be stigmatised because of what they have been through.”

The poignant piece was set up over 4,000 square feet in Little Monk Wood in Essex, UK and revealed on Wednesday 23rd July – a day after the 100th day of the girls’ captivity.

See images of the installation below and remember the Chibok 237. #BringBackOurGirls.

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