Thursday, September 21, 2023

Heidi Klum Dresses Up As Michael Jackson For Halloween

Every year during Halloween, fans and curious cats are left wondering who or what their favorite celebrity is going to dress up as. But truth be told, a large number of people look forward to what German super model Heidi Klum will wear, for obvious reasons.

heidi klum mj costume

The fashion designer is known for her extravagant, well put together Halloween looks every year. Although she fell below expectations last year, as she dressed up in a one piece with four clones dressed exactly like her.

heidi klum halloween thriller costume

This year she dropped hints that her costume this year will be scary; she still had us sitting on our hands to see what she will appear as. She took to her Instagram to share the making of her Halloween costume for her 18th annual Halloween party in NYC, which took hours of creative work and we are nothing short of proud of the outcome.

heidi klum halloween old lady

Her choice this year was from one of the biggest musicians of all time. She dressed up as Zombie Michael Jackson in His legendary thriller music video. The Project runway host made an elaborate dance routine, with other thriller zombies as she arrived at her Halloween party.

heidi klum corps halloween costume

Heidi is known to go all out in her annual costumes with the help of award winning special effects artists. Some of her notable looks that has earned her the crown of Queen of Halloween includes, Betty Boop, Hindu god Kali, an old lady, and Jessica rabbit.

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