Monday, October 2, 2023

Hermès Collaborates with African Art Collective on Scarves

Top luxury fashion house, Hermès has just announced a cool collaboration with an art collective of Zulu, Zimbabwean and Sotho potters, based in South Africa, creating a two new designs inspired by their work.

The collective called Ardmore was founded in 1985 by Fée Halsted, who was approached by Hermès over two years ago about a possible collaboration, with Ardmore’s combined work revered for its signature style of flora and fauna-covered ceramic pieces.

A version of the “Savana Dance” scarf, which depicts a Vervet monkey and includes symbols from Zulu culture

One of 10 versions of the “La Marche du Zambèze” design

Ardmore, who create everything from tea sets to dishes and figurines, said they;

“…Submitted six designs and two were accepted.”

The designs, dubbed “The Savana Dance” and “La Marche du Zambèze” have just been revealed across select Hermès boutiques, as well as its e-store, embodying the brand’s theme for 2016, “La Nature.”

Painter working on the scarf design
Painter Sydney Nyambeze working on the scarf design

The print created for Hermès and Ardmore’s collaboration was done by Zimbabwean painter Sydney Nyambeze, with the “Marche du Zambeze” available in 10 different colours, and “The Savana Dance made in eight different versions, on vintage silk.

We at SPICE love Hermès’ collaboration with African art collective, Ardmore and suggest you check out the scarves (from $288 each) here.

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