Monday, June 5, 2023

Hip Hop Lipsticks By MDM Flow

If you are a sucker for the 90s then pucker up because you are gonna love this, MDM Flow by 22 year old Florence Adepoju debuts a super cool lipstick range inspired by “post 90’s” hip hop music and culture. The new beauty brand presents gangster glam lipsticks set in gold plated bullet casing christened with equally super cool names like; “2 Chains” a bright yellow and Gold sparkle lipstick, “Von Dutch” a juicy orange, “Di La La” an ebony black, “Bossy” a nude number, “Sweet Escape” a baby powder pink and “Purple Swag.”

Adepoju described MDM Flow as an “accumulation of all my obsessions, the colours black and gold, hip hop, beauty, fashion and science. As a self diagnosed beauty junkie I couldn’t find a beauty brand out there that represented my lifestyle and ideals.” Handmade using the latest colour technology, we think this new luxury lipstick range is definitely going to be a hit especially for all the ‘G4LIfe’ beauty queens.


Photographed by Jendella
Sweet Escape

2 Chainz

Photographed by Jendella
Von Dutch

Purple Swag


3 Kings

Photo Credit: MDM Flow

To find out where you can cop MDM Flow Lipsticks head over to

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