Sunday, October 1, 2023

H&M Announce Fashion Collaboration With Moscino

Just when you thought street style couldn’t look any fancier, your favorite high street brand H&M collaborates with luxury fashion brand Moscino to create magic.

H&M is famous for collaborating with luxury fashion brands, so this did not come as a shock, in 2014 the brand collaborated with Alexander Wang and announced during Coachella. Well it seems Coachella is fast becoming an event for fashion announcements.

Jimmy Scott announced this collaboration during his annual Coachella party on Saturday night, he received an Instagram live call from Gigi Hadid which was projected on screens at the party and on H&M’s Instagram feed. Jeremy Scoot told Vogue how he feels like he could do anything because of this collaboration. “This collaboration makes me feel like I’m able to give something again, Lots of young people love my clothes…I love that this is now something that will be affordable.”

This collection is set to drop on November 8th 2018, although Moscino has given us a snippet into the collection, they still insist that they have a lot of surprises in store for us all, until then, we would be shopping at Rekena.



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