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Holiday Hairstyle Ideas For Naturalistas


The end of the year holiday is finally here and we bet you want to look your best when you get with family and friends you probably haven’t seen in a bit. The hair struggle for naturalistas can sometimes be overwhelming and you really don’t want to spend the best part of the holiday having hairtuations.

We give you 5 hairstyle ideas that will leave you looking your best. These hairstyles are also budget friendly and require minimum effort to maintain.

  1. Crochet

holiday hairstyles for natural hair people

Crochet is one of the most famous protective hairstyles for natural hair. It doesn’t take long to make and it has a very natural feel and look, especially if you go for the fro or loose curls.

  1. Braids

holiday hairstyle ideas for n natural hair

It’s safe to say you can never go wrong with braids. It’s the perfect up and leave type of hairstyle. It requires minimal effort when it comes to styling and the older your braids the nicer it looks.

P.s – Pay enough attention to your edges when making your hair, some of these hairstylists are genuinely oblivious to the damages caused by holding on to the hairline too tight.

  1. Faux Locs

holiday hairstyleideas - faux locs

This pretty imitation of dreads is a very fun and versatile hair style. You can literally style it in anyway and still look popin. Also, you will notice a visible hair growth post faux locs.

  1. Finger waves

holiday hairstyles for natural hair- finger waves

Yes we know! Finger wave isn’t the easiest hairstyle to maintain especially if your hair is natural. But you just have to agree with us that this hairstyle is a supper pretty show stopper.   It’s the kind of hairstyle that gives you attention and compliments.

  1. Mohawk updo

holiday hair

This hairstyle is pretty and easy to maintain. It will definitely bring out your best features and at the same time give you a distinctive look.

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