Thursday, September 21, 2023

House of Garrard Launches First Shanghai Store

British designer and manufacturer of luxury jewellery and silver Garrard have launched a new outlet in Shanghai, China.

To celebrate the launch, the centuries old, and London based jeweler unveiled a couple of diamond pieces exclusive for Shanghai. The Emerald Ivy suite is a combination of emeralds and diamonds consisting of earrings, bracelet and a transformable necklace , the Eternal Fringe suite, a necklace and earring combination containing more than 40 carats of diamonds, and the Azalea Tiara.


“We are incredibly proud and excited to be bringing The House of Garrard directly to the Chinese market with the opening of our Shanghai boutique, We are confident that our iconic collections and bespoke designs, coupled with our long standing British heritage will find a happy home in one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the world.” –  Joanne Milner, CEO of the House of Garrard.


Some of the famously made jewelry by Garrard in past times include, the production of the original prop of the Heart of the Ocean for the 1997 film Titanic, the sapphire engagement ring given by Charles, Prince of Wales, to Diana, Princess of Wales for their 1981 marriage and they were also in charge of caring of caring for the British crown jewels from 1843-2007.

Garrard also has a presence in Harrods, London, Geneva, Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, Moscow and Hong Kong.

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