Thursday, June 8, 2023

House of Tara Products Now Wear a New Look

For 8 years we have been able to distinguish House of Tara‘s product range by sight, via it’s unique silver packaging. Now though, it’s time for a change, with the brand out-growing  its old look and moving onto a more chic, svelte and classy one…

House of Tara’s products now wear a new skin – an all black packaging which makes the products look more solid and the bearer, more confident – apparently speaking to the sophistication of their consumers, their contemporary lifestyles and refined tastes.

Still remaining in the best quality, the new style is an exciting update on the look and feel of House of Tara’s quality products – and certainly has Spice’s nod of approval!




Twitter: @HouseofTara

Instagram: @HouseofTara_Intl

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