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How Often Should You Wash Your Bra?

Ladies!! How long do you put on your bra before giving it a wash? Be sincere to you self, we see you tossing it back into your drawer right now and saying to your self, “it’s not dirty”, and just in case your saying to yourself I wash my bra daily, we would want you to know that this doesn’t include your sports bra.

How often should i wash my bra

When it comes to care of under garment a lot of rules apply, every time you put on a bra you need to be aware that your body produces oil and sweat, which could harbor a lot of germs on your bra.


 How often should i wash my bra

According to Good House Keeping Institute’s Lexie Sachs,  every three to four wears, or every 10 days would be enough. We would like to state that situations could differ, if  you had a really moist day, repeating that bra could give you skin irritation and body odor.


 How often should i wash my bra

Maybe, just maybe you are saying to your self, “I wash my bra very often with the washing machine but it tends to wear out faster, why should I continue in this process?” Washing your bras in a machine would definitely make the color run more, reduce the elasticity of the bra and also make your bra’s last less, the best thing to do is to put in a lot of bras into the machine, by doing this, all the detriments of washing your bra often would be avoided.

So ladies, make sure you give your bra a regular wash at most after three to four wears and we could just help our skin feel better.

n How often should i wash my bra

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By : Utibe Ayi

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