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How To Ace Your First Date

No matter how close you are with whom you decide to go on a date with for the first time, nerves will surely set in. The thought of getting it right and making it a day to remember is all you have wrapped around your head. Even if you realize there is no connection between the both of you during or after the date, you don’t want to be remembered as the one who planned a shitty date. We give you guidelines that can save your date night and make it a positively memorable date.

  1. Make plans.

Find out what you and your date have in common and work with the information when you decide to plan a date. If you have choose to take your date out for dinner, find out what kind of food they like before you choose a restaurant. You have to remember that the date isn’t just about you, so randomly guessing they will like your favorite restaurant is a big leap of faith on your path.

Young beautiful headsome attractive man casual stule with flowers
Young beautiful headsome attractive man casual stule with flowers

  1. No to Movies! No Shows! No Concerts!

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The main purpose of going on a date is getting to know your date, so a concert and movies will reduce your chances of communicating and getting acquainted with your date. Instead, you could do something more interactive, like dinner, a picnic etc.

  1. Dress to suit the occasion

You definitely don’t want to show up at your dates house looking like you are about to go run errands. Put some efforts into your outfit and show your date that you care. You know what they say about “First impression”.

  1. Punctuality

Punctuality has to be an embedded ritual in your lifestyle. So make sure you get ready and get to your date right on time. Keeping anyone waiting is rude and disrespectful, and we are sure you don’t want your date having bad impressions of you before the date even beings.

  1. Catch up

If you and your date are riding together in the same car, make sure you catch up on things you previously talked about or something you both have a similar interest in. This will help you get more comfortable and ease the tension a bit.

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  1. You pay!

As long as you instigate the date, the bills are on you. The only time it is socially acceptable for you to split the bill is you previously notify your date and they agree that both of you will be splitting the bill. This will prevent any awkwardness between you too.

  1. Making the move

The turnout of your date will let you know whether or not to make the move at the end of your time together. You can also know this based on your dates reaction and body language. If you are in doubt, then a subtle peck on the cheek and a goodnight hug will keep you in the clear zone.

  1. Follow up

If your date goes well, then you should contact your date and tell them how much fun you had with them and also how you look forward to other dates with them. Movies, concerts and shows are totally acceptable for subsequent dates.

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