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How To Care For Your Beards

The beard trend has stayed winning for a long time now as men has become more comfortable in growing their beard out. The trend can be seen by most as a channel where men freely express their masculinity. Although beards are attractive, growing them out and maintaining it can be a total fail if done the wrong way, which in turn leaves the wearer looking like an unkept jungle man.
Here are our top 5 tips to caring for your beards properly.
1. Allow your beards grow out.

It is important to allow your beards grow out and breathe. Give your beards a couple of months to grow out before hitting the barbers for a trim. The waiting period defers, depending on how fast the wearers hair grows out. A safe way to know how long to wait before a trim is by simply waiting until your beards are about an inch or two long.
2. Shampoo and condition your beards.

The importance of shampooing and conditioning of beards cannot be over emphasized. A lot of men tend to ignore this bear care step, which in turn leaves them with dry frizzy unhealthy hair. A good leave in conditioner can be used after your daily wash to leave your beard looking healthy and shinny all the time.
3. Trim your beards

Whether you want your beards to grow out long or remain an inch long, you have to trim your beards. Trimming occasionally will allow your beards grow out evenly and most importantly it will prevent split ends, which in turn allows your beard maintain a healthy and well kept look.
4. Care for the skin under your beards.

You always have to care for your skin. It is advisable to stay clear of skin care products that contain, bleach and artificial fragrance. We recommend you use mild organic cleaning and exfoliating products.
5. Own a standard beard care kit.

Every bearded man needs to have a standard beard kit that has all the essentials for grooming and trimming his beards like. Things that are found in a bread kit are beard soap, beard oils, beard brush and comb, scissors etc. A ready beard kit can be bought or put together.

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