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How To choose a Wedding Venue

If you think weddings are over rated then wait until you get into the venue, sometimes you would think you walked into a Christian Dior resort show and some times you would wish you just stayed at home. Finding the perfect venue is an uphill task, it could be worse if you have no single idea of what you want. You know we always got you, so we compiled a list to aid you in choosing the perfect wedding venue.

wedding venue ideas

Choose your wedding date

As cliche as this sounds, not everyone has a clear idea about the date of their wedding. if you have no date then you might not be able to book a venue except your a billionaire who has a beautiful garden or a ball room in your house, but if you don’t fall under that category then you need to be certain of your date, this is the first step in this process.

wedding venue ideas

Know your budget

This is the main determinant of how your venue would look like, now let’s make this clear, the fact that a venue is really pricey doesn’t automatically make it the perfect place or even better than the less expensive ones. Knowing your budget is as important as the wedding dress or the tux you would wear. Do not go over your budget, at the end of the day it’s a temporary investment and not a longtime one, so while trying to impress make sure you are on your budget.

wedding venue ideas

Choose a venue that would cater to your guest list

This is quite tricky, most weddings are now strictly on invitation but not withstanding, party crashes would always want to make a mess. If you have a guest list of 100 persons, please make sure your wedding venue has the capacity to contain 150, the trick is to have a venue that is a little bit more than your guest list. The only way you can be certain of the the real guests at your wedding is if you have a destination wedding.

wedding venue ideas

Do not procrastinate

If you a person who always pushes tasks into the future, then you need to get yourself a planner, it is no news that not everyone needs a wedding planner but in this age, it has become a very it has become a very important aspect of a wedding. Procrastinating is having a mental picture of your wedding venue but never taking the right step to actually book it down before the exact date.

wedding venue ideas

Be Happy and keep your goals in mind

At the end of the day, it’s all about you, if you were not getting married you wouldn’t need a venue in the first place and after the wedding life goes on, so make sure that you are sane as possible and stick to your wedding goals, do not be derailed by someones else’s vision.

wedding venue ideas






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