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How To Make Your Vagina Smell Fresh

Although we have come to a reasonable agreement that the vagina has an unexplainable smell, that is anything but fishy, rotten and unpleasant. There are various ways to make your vagina smell and taste good. No we are not saying your vagina is going to smell like roses every other day, but these steps will allow your vagina retain its healthy, natural smell.


  1. Eat healthy

One of the major causes of a funky smelling vagina is the food you eat. Whatever you take in translates to how your vagina smells and tastes. Foods like candy and other really sweet sugar based food will only give your vagina a foul smell.  According to a study, vegetarians have the healthiest tasting and smelling vaginas because of the healthy foods they often eat. Fresh foods and fruits will give you a healthy vagina, try a homemade tiger nut, coconut and date milkshake, for a tasty vag juice.

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  1. Avoid vaginal Douching

Many women think Douching their private part is a good way to keep your vagina healthy, but then again, douching does more harm than good, because it disturbs the bacterial balance of the vagina.  We need to know that the vagina is a self cleansing organ, so douching will clear out both the healthy, protective bacteria and the ones that can be gotten rid of by rinsing with ordinary water.


  1. Baby wipes

Using baby wipes to clean up after you visit the loo, will leave you smelling fresh and healthy as a baby’s bum would. It can also help reduce chances of contacting minor infections. So get you a non fragrance baby wipe, and make it a part of your restroom ritual.

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  1. Wear cotton underwear

Wear more of cotton based pants as opposed to the lacy and synthetic fabrics, because those synthetic fabrics do not allow the vagina to breath. Wear the synthetic fabric pants once in a while as opposed to everyday, and keep your vagina dry. Also, make sure to wash your underwear after every wear and change at least twice a day.


5.  Stay Away from Artificial fragrance

Do not wash your underwear with detergents that have dye and artificial fragrance. They tend to mess with your body’s natural smell and PH balance. Also spraying fragrance around the vagina causes more harm than good. Most perfumes have artificial fragrance and like we said it disrupts the natural order of things down there, which can result in infection.

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Vaginal Hygiene is very important and should never be taken for granted. Some easy daily tips include wiping your vagina from the front to the back, and of course staying away from scented soaps when cleaning your vagina.


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