Saturday, March 2, 2024

How To Really Deal With Infidelity

“My Husband beats me at the slightest altercation because he feels he has the right to. He takes all my hard earned money and beats me up. I have nothing to my name. What can I do?” That is a question sent in from a lady who is obviously in dire need of help.

how to deal with infidelity

Even though we live in age were we think people have full control of their lives, it is still very rampant that a lot of persons go through situations they hide and smile about. when you decide to marry a person it means you must have envisioned your whole life around that person, it definitely hurts when you start going through emotional torture and think of living. when it comes to abuse, verbally or physically, not everyone makes it out alive, so while you still have your life to live,  there are certain things you should consider and act on.

Idia Aisien alongside her guests who are experts in the field of relationship discuss and give expert advise on how to deal with Infidelity. See video below.



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