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How To Remain Genuinely Happy

Ever think about what life was before you got trapped in the crazy roller coaster life strapped you on without your permission? No matter how old you are, well as long as you are out of your teens, a certain responsibility and craze to meet up with life goals, responsibilities and achievements hits you so hard, you begin to loose yourself. You find yourself gradually forgetting what it felt like to be alive and truly happy, with probably less than what you have now.

Here are 5 ways to help you get your groove back and feel youthful again.

  1. Remember what made you genuinely happy.

Just make a list of the things you did in the happiest moments of your life. The fun things you loved to do, the people you hung out with, the places you visited and the things you did. Just think about these things and narrow down your list to things you see yourself doing alone or with your buddies.


how to remain genuinly happy


  1. Appreciate yourself and Life.

No matter what situation you find yourself, it is important to realize how blessed you are and how much worse other people have it. Take a moment to appreciate all you have, and all you had. Be grateful and acknowledge your efforts and hard work, in your life and the life of others. Understand that you deserve to be as happy as can be, without feeling guilty.

  1. Do something adventurous


Do something you have always wanted to do. Travel, go hiking, go on a vacation. Whatever it is that you think you’ve been too or too busy scared to do, or just haven’t had the time to, just do it. It could even be something as simple as changing your hair.

  1. Physical activities.

When adult life hits you, you barely have time to take care of yourself and be as physically active as you used to. Think of the most suitable way for you to stay fit and healthy. Workout, yoga, martial arts, hiking, samba, sports or whatever it is. Remember that you look and feel your best when you are fit.  Physical changes can easily be one of the factors that make you insecure. So instead of brooding over how flat your tummy used to be or whatever your best feature used to look like, do something healthy to change those things and be happy with yourself internally and externally.


Hand drawing unhappy and happy smileys on blackboard


  1. Hang out more often with your buddies.

No! We don’t mean have boring couples date, going to the movies or whatever basic stuff you engage in with your friends ever since you became an adult. Do something new, like a group vacation, hit your favorite club or just do what you used to enjoy doing way back when. But remember it is important to be with people who bring out the best in you, people you are free to be your real uncensored self around.

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