Friday, March 31, 2023

How You Can Help Stop Slave Trade In Libya

After CNN discovered the heinous act of human trafficking going on in Libya weeks ago, the massive response from social media users proved that despite the evil in the world, there are a billion and one other people who still care for humanity.

In case you wondering how you too can help stop this nightmare, below are easy but very effective ways to help put an end to this cruelty.


libya slave trade 2017

  1. Create Awareness

Spread the word as far as you can. Share posts and pictures on your social media platforms, repost and share conversations relating to the topic. Use relevant tags like #freetheslaves #libya #endslaverynow #givetofreedom #saynotoslavery #slavery #humanrights #slavetrade #refugees and lots more. You can also share related news and articles with friends and family off social media.

  1. Donate to Anti-Slavery Organizations.

By donating any amount you can afford to spare for this cause, you are helping out in bringing the end of slave trade a step closer. Remember that no amount is too small for this cause.  Reputable organizations like The Polaris Project, End Slavery Now, Free the Slaves and many other organizations across the world.


libya slave trade 1

  1. Join in signing the petition against modern day slavery. is appealing to people to sign the petition against the modern day slavery happening in Libya. The site has promised to forward this petition to former president of the United State of America, Barak Obama, who is presently the President of the United Nations.

  1. Get the Attention of Media Houses and Related Organizations.

Social media is very powerful tool, and we know it is an effective weapon towards getting the right organizations and media houses to focus and talk about this inhuman behavior until drastic measures are taken to put an end to it. Tag the official handles of prominent media houses, politicians, presidents and world bodies in all posts related to this particular topic.

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