Sunday, October 1, 2023

i.D Magazine Reveals Short Film “Blackout: John Burris Speaks” Following the Eric Garner & Mike Brown Tragedies

In its signature style, i.D Magazine has revealed a stark and visual response to the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, who were tragically killed last year during acts of police brutality – the mag’s creative effort displayed via a short film noir, titled Blackout: John Burris Speaks – A Film by Terence Nance.


The film, directed by Mr Nance, sees a groups of black youths take to the streets, reinacting via interpretive dance, an expressive version of events, while American civil rights attorney John Burris narrates a call to action – a call to “do something,” saying;

 “The lives that have been lost are important lives and they should not have been lost in vain.”

While we at SPICE can’t take our eyes off of the poignant and stylish film, it’s the message that really lingers, refreshing thoughts on the tragic events and urging us to raise awareness of such incidents, which occur against our community daily, worldwide.

Watch i.D’s Blackout here below and let us know if it has inspired you to ‘do something’ too.


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