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In This South African Gym, Grandmas Are Boxing To Stay Fit

Have you ever imagined your grandma, gloves on, boxing the hell out of a punching bag? It sounds like a Wonder Woman spoof, right?

But that’s exactly what’s happening in A-Team Gym, north of Johannesburg, where grandmas have become the new sexy in boxing.

(Photo: I Have A Name/Good Things Guy)

(Photo: I Have A Name/Good Things Guy)

These grandmas (or gogos, as South Africans call grandmas) spend hours every day in the gym, throwing punches – courtesy of an initiative called the Boxing Gogos Program. Most of them are part of the program due to various health reasons, having discovered the wonders of athleticism, they engage in boxing as a way of rejuvenating both their bodies and minds. In other words, they’re fighting diseases through boxing.

Boxing isn’t only helping them fight diseases. The sport is teaching them the habit of perseverance and healthy socialization as they strive daily to help each other, especially in the ring. In addition, the initiative is undoubtedly paying off. One of the boxing grandmas, Constance Ngueane, said:

“I used to go to the clinic for my high blood pressure. I used to get sick sometimes.

But since I started here in this gym, I’m not taking tablets anymore because when I go for a check-up, they say I no longer have high blood pressure.”

CGTN Africa reports that the Boxing Gogos Program was set up by a former body builder, Claude Maphosa, who now focuses on building grandmas’ bodies and a healthy community. Maphosa, who is also the owner of A-Team Gym, said that the program was first conceived to help old people overcome stress.

Obviously, the outcome is not just positive; it has surpassed stress management. And these grandmas don’t look like they’ll ever get tired of making us envious of old age.

(Photo: I Have A Name/Good Things Guy)

(Photo: I Have A Name/Good Things Guy)

(Photo: I Have A Name/Good Things Guy)

(Photo: I Have A Name/Good Things Guy)

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