Sunday, October 1, 2023

Inglot Cosmetics Comes to Nigeria

One of the world’s leading manufacturers in high quality colour products, Inglot Cosmetics is finally launching in Nigeria.

The brand, hailing from Poland and launched over 30 years ago, has over 450 stores worldwide and a presence in nearly 60 countries, including all the major fashion cities. Now, Inglot is set to launch 2 new stores in Nigeria, bringing its innovative, vibrant and fun range to Lagos and Ibadan, which includes 1,500 lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows, blushes, foundations, concealers, mascara and pencils, as well as a rich collection of nail polishes. #Wow.

Lagos and Ibadan-dwellers should be as excited as we at SPICE are – because with Inglot’s landing in Nigeria, we’re clearly in for a whole heap of cool goodies to get our hands on.

Beauty lovers can follow Inglot here on Instagram for more news in the meantime.

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