Thursday, September 21, 2023

Instagram’s New Features Could Give Snapchat A Run For Their Money

The newer the update the better the app.

Instagram has hit us with a new update and we are loving every bit of it.  Filters are an inevitable favorite of every social media and picture lover. They just make life a whole lot easier and of course more glammed up.

The new features include 8 new “face filters” which like Snapchat allows you to add animated koala ears, nerd glasses, a butterfly crown and more to your face  in photos or videos.  The new filters seem like they will put one of the apps major contenders, Snapchat up for a filter supremacy race.

instagram featurees

The second feature which we think is the best of the features is the “Eraser” feature, which allows you erase what you have written on an image. The app suggests a fun way to use this feature, which is by covering an entire image with a particular color, then erasing parts of it creatively to reveal the picture underneath.

instagram new feature


The update also comes a with a rewind feature for videos, which allows you play clips backwards.

new instagram featuresss

The last feature is the “hashtag” feature, which allows you post a hashtag on a picture for you insta stories. When users tap on the hashtag, they are taken to the apps hashtag page, which will enable them view related posts with the same hashtags.

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