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Introducing Maxivive’s Wet 2019 Campaign

Maxivive is a Nigerian-based menswear label that focuses on a brave new word of independent, quietly discerning individuals who appreciate and enjoy finely crafted clothing.
Recognized for its innovative pieces and the unique fusion of different fabrics and patterns, exploiting the potential of materials and techniques with a purist ethos to birth futuristic, easily worn clothing.
Maxivive provides a more subdued modern aspect while giving a nod to the comfort of traditional wears. In the fast-paced world of fashion, we are committed to continuing our winning streak in setting the standard in authentic African narratives in style.

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Maxivive got its big breakthrough in introducing a new fashion season narrative in Nigeria.  A narrative not in support of the ideology of S/S and A/W in the countries where these weather patterns don’t exist.
Wet, a part of the three original seasons thought and declared by Papa Oyeyemi, founder and creative head of Maxivive was widely criticized but a few other brands picked up shortly after. The other seasons are Dry and Harmattan.  Wet, the rainy season which is synonymous to the winter in the West, Dry is summer and Harmattan is the very windy, cold, extremely dry and dusty.
Maxivive has showcased at; International Fashion Showcase (IFS),  London fashion week Autumn/Winter 2016, Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2014 till date, South African Menswear Week 2016 till Date, and a Season at Glitz Africa Fashion Week, Accra.

maxivive 2

Also, the brand has enjoyed long-term museum exhibitions like; Fashion Cities Africa exhibition at the Royal Pavilion Museums, Brighton from the 30th of April 2016 until the 8th of January 2017,Tropen Museum Amsterdam, the Netherlands from September 2017 to January 2019.

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In 2018, Papa Oyeyemi was nominated for the Future Awards prize for Fashion and he won the SoundCity MVP Awards in January 2019 for his innovation in Nigerian Fashion using Maxivive.

With 12years of Breaking new grounds and promoting functionality with a nod to aesthetic and innovation, Maxivive has been recognized by media houses like, VogueItalia, Vogue Spain, Vice, Office, GQ-SA, Fucking Young! Etc.
Maxivive runs all operations from a small outdoor studio in Lagos, Nigeria.maxivive 4

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