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Is Rihanna Doing The Most?

Rihanna is currently the ‘IT‘ woman of the year and you can argue that any where, not only did she launch forty different shades of foundation on the same day, but she went ahead to give a mouth gaping show at New York fashion week.

You would think that the award winning singer would stop at just making clothes, and sneakers and flip flops or foundation but she goes ahead to release eye shadow pallets and lip sticks.

rihanna is an entreprenuer

The trophy wife highlighter has everyone going over board, making peoples faces look like the sun with their fully contoured cheekbones.

One would think that the super star is done with showcasing her multi talents but she is not, Rihanna is known for her norm core way of dressing and absurd pairing of outfits. By the way, these outfits look glam on her alone, so if you decide to pull some Rihanna stunt, that would definitely be at your risk.

rihanna is an entreprenuer

In recent weeks, Rihanna has not stopped giving us sultry pictures of her self in outfits that only she can pull off, it almost looks like the artist was considering joining the ‘blogosphere’.

She was spotted on Thursday at N.Y.C while she attended Vogue’s Forces of Fashion conference  in a complete denim outfit, cropped denim jacket, cap toe denim boots and mini denim skirt by Tom Ford.

rihanna is an entreprenuer

According to Rihanna, nothing is off limits when it comes to fashion, “For me there aren’t many boundaries with fashion, really, I want to do everything and in the most extreme way possible, but [my style evolution] started with me knowing myself and knowing what I want.” So maybe a lot of persons need to really know themselves before and whatg they want before they start making style decisions.

rihanna is an entreprenuer

Rihanna definitely loves the feeling she gets from peoples reaction to her makeup line. Is Rihanna doing the most with all this, one can’t help to think how hard working the Barbadian singer is and all the efforts she puts into making her products and music come to life. Are we expecting more from Rihanna? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.






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