Sunday, October 1, 2023

Is Skin Gritting The New Way To Get Rid Of Blackheads Permanently?

People have been using  products and natural DIY recipes to get rid of black heads since forever, every time each recipe or product promising to provide a permanent solution, but these small bumps caused by clogged hair follicles are way to stubborn to be gotten rid of permanently.

What is skin gritting you ask?

Skin gritting is the new blackhead removal craze rocking the internet, which promises to get rid of blackheads. The process involves cleansing the face with oil, using a clay mask then repeating the oil cleansing process again.


Why this remedy might work.

Oil cleanse removes any product from the skin by cleaning out dead skin cells and left over makeup and particles from the face.

The clay mask on the other hand absorbs the natural sebum, soaks up dirt and grease beneath the skin surface, leaving it nourished.


  • Clean your face with an oil cleanser
  • Apply face mask, leave to dry, then remove
  • Reapply oil cleanser, this time more vigorously


you see particles of the blackhead and other dead skin.


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