Monday, October 2, 2023

Jamsu – Makeup Hack for Summer


It is that time of the year when it gets uncontrollably hot! You are cranky, sweaty and worse of all you make up cakes up in no time and you are just thinking what you did to deserve this.

Have you heard of Jamsu?

 Jamsu is a Korean beauty hack created by a Korean blogger; the word Jamsu literally means to “dive” or to “submerge”. This controversial makeup hack has received both positive and negative reviews from beauty bloggers. While some agree that it is a perfect mattifying agent for your skin, some argue that it ruins your makeup and extremely dries out your face and has flashback. This makeup hack is supposed to give you a flawless finish. Are you tired of losing your popping made up face to your oily and sweaty skin? Then you should probably try out this makeup hack on your face and we will allow you be the judge of the outcome.


  • Moisturize your skin
  • Apply your foundation and concealer all over your face as usual
  • You take a handful of baby powder and apply it all over your face, preferably using a beauty blender to avoid creating a mess on your outfit and surrounding.


Here comes the diving and submerging part, guys.

Remember to hold your hair back with a head band, to prevent it from getting sticky and wet.

  • You then dip your face in a bowl of cold water for about 15 seconds, if you have dry skin, and 20-30 seconds for oily skin type.
  • Pat your skin with a towel, then allow your face dry out completely

Be sure to put your entire face in the bowl of cold water i.e.  The edge of your ear and your hairline.


  • Firstly, the baby powder will no longer be visible.
  • Your skin will feel matte and look sort of pale.

Proceed with your makeup routine and look out to see what your face looks like after about 6-10 hours.

Your face isn’t going to look 100 percent perfect and blemish free at the end of the day, but this makeup routine will make your skin look less oily and sweaty, unlike actual primers and setting sprays that cost a lot of money, and barely gets you past the first quarter of the day before you face begins to cake.  It is fair to say that the Jamsu makeup routine does allow your makeup stay longer than usual.

Why jamsuing allows your makeup last longer?

Because baby powder as we all know has oil control qualities and the cold water acts as an instant mattifyer, hence blocking your sweat pores and controlling your oily skin. This is an interesting routine we think spontaneous, risk takers should try out.

However, We won’t suggest Jamsuing as an everyday makeup routine. It is best in-cooperated in your daily makeup routine for special events and outings.

Do drop a comment if you try it out or if you have tried it before now?

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