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Jay-Z And Beyonce Are The Power Couple Of The Moment At The Pre-Grammy Awards Gala

Jay-Z and Beyonce are the power couple of the moment not just because this is their first official outing since the birth of their twins, but because they constantly show us how business mixed with pleasure can give you a certain goal. Jay-Z once skipped the Grammy s because he thought that fellow rapper DMX was not given the recognition he fully deserved. The legend of our time is here and he came with Beyonce who is currently the highest paid female musician in the world(now you see why we call them the power couple).

beyonce and jayzt the grammys

On the 27th of January 2019, Jay-Z was honored with  the Grammy Salute to Industry Icons Award at the Pre-Grammy Awards Gala. Beyonce stepped out in an all black custom Ralph and Russo number, while Jay-Z  gave us major vibes in a Ralph Lauren purple label. Asides from Beyonce’s second outfit and beret trend, the night was generally entertaining, Alicia Keys trilled the entire audience with a 15 minute tribute of Jay-Z’s hits, she went ahead to call him “one of the greatest that’s ever done it,”

 Jay-Z And Beyonce Are The Power Couple Of The Moment At The Pre-Grammy Awards Gala

Other stars had a lot to say about Jay-Z, just before Logic hot the stage to perform, he told Instyle how he admired his persistence, “I admire [Jay-Z’s] persistence, his determination, the length of being able to reinvent himself with every single album. I hope that I can get to where he is at his age, not even that he’s old, I mean he’s still killing it,” this couple stay wining, with three kids and a music career, they are the real MVP!!


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