Monday, June 5, 2023

Johannesburg’s ‘Skhothane’ Culture is Caught on Film for “Worn In”

Capturing local, outrageously-clad kids in Tembisa, Johannesburg, i.D Magazine shine a light on the hot new sub-culture of Skhotane – the art of ‘looking wealthy.’

Featured as part of the mag’s new web-series Worn In, rival clans, The Casa Novas and The Pro Italian Takers are filmed on the streets, wearing gold-embellished, printed ensembles that include mismatched, patent shoes for a battle that’s won by looking good, wasting food and appearing as though one’s cash-flow is endless.


The short film is directed by Pieter Hugo and shot in Downtown Jo’Berg, following the two groups as they first shop for their battle ‘fits (prints on prints, bucket hats) then raving in the street and burning sneakers.

One team member explains that “being a Skhotane is like;”

“…Being the main guy, best of the best.

We kill it like nobody’s business, being sharp and all. Really expensive stuff, drinking all the booze, girls chasing after you.”

Watch the short film here below to find out why Skhotanes ritually waste food and rock shoes that don’t match, then let us know what you think to South African’s newmovement in the comments box or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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