Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Jourdan Dunn Talks Social Media’s Role in Modelling

The super beauty that is Jourdan Dunn has been giving golden nuggets of advice to anyone hoping to follow in her model footsteps, explaining the importance of social media in today’s industry.

Talking to i.D Magazine following the release of her new limited edition HTC One M9 INK (see more on that, here) the stunner said of platforms like Instagram and Twitter;

“I feel like you definitely have to have it. It’s really important now. Brands now look on your social media, how many followers you have, your likes…

That plays a very important part in people wanting you to front their brand. It’s kind of taking over now.”


Ms Dunn, who reveals herself an avid user of Twitter (“Especially sitting down in a chair doing hair and make-up, it makes the day go by quicker”) and uber, and to checking her Instagram first thing every morning, also shared her most-used emojis, saying;

“I love an emoji, because sometimes you don’t need to say anything, which is great, people can know exactly how I feel.

Like I love the straight face one, or the one that has the side smile, smirk face, I do that all the time.”


Since Jourdan has enjoyed much success both as a model and as an “Instagirl” (the Vogue-coined term for the app’s most successful sharers), we at SPICE suggest anyone hoping to walk even an inch in her high heels take her advice seriously and get a online quick – oh and throw in a few of the model’s favourite emojis too, because one needs to talk the talk as well as walk the walk.

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