Monday, June 5, 2023

Kanye West Skips New York Fashion Week

In February, Kanye West skipped the Grammy’s for New York Fashion Week, now he is speculated to be canceling on New York fashion Week and we can’t help but take note.

yeezy presentation

According to Women’s wear daily in June, Kanye west was suppose to be among the designers at this years New York Fashion Week debuting their collection but it appears that might not happen anymore. The launch of Yezzy season 6 would have marked the Kanye’s six straight years of showcasing at the prestigious show.

yeezy presentation

Redken a brand that was set to work with Yezzy for the runway presentation confirmed to Harper’s Bazaar that the show which was slated for the 13th of September was in fact canceled. One of the team members of Kanye West also mentioned that the show was canceled because they did not get the pieces together in time.

 yeezy presentation

Another close source to the rapper says that the show was not canceled as there was never any show in the first place. What do we believe exactly, as few months back it was made clear to the fashion community that Yeezy would be showcasing at NFDW.

yeezy presentation

We know that Kanye is not totally a part of all the full fashion seasons as he loves to have his presentations, we certainly hope that the wait would be worth it.

yeezy presentation




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