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Kanye West Talks Being the ‘MJ of Fashion’, Changing the World & ‘Seeing’ Sounds

Rap star-turned-designer, Kanye West has been in the headlines this week, following an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he talked of his ambition to become the “Michael Jackson of apparel.”

Yeezy, whose “Season 3” collection with Adidas made a world first when it showcased at Madison Square Garden in February, explained to Ellen;

“[…]I had dinner with [Mark Zuckerberg and] his wife, and told him about how I want to help the World, and he said he’d help me.

I feel that if I had more resources that I could help more people. I have ideas that can make the human race existence within our hundreds years better, period.

Kanye with his wife Kim Kardashian, at the 2016 Met Gala
Kanye with his wife Kim Kardashian, at the 2016 Met Gala

I have to be Michael Jackson of apparel in order to break open the doors for everyone that will come after I’m gone, after I’m dead, after they call me wacko Kanye. Isn’t that so funny that people point fingers at the people who have influenced us the most? They talk the most shit about the people who care the most.”



Also telling Ellen “I am an artist. I see sounds“, Ye revealed;

“I’m sitting with Obama, and Leo [DiCaprio] is talking about the environment, and I’m talking about clothes, and everyone looks at me like, that’s not an important issue. But I remember going to school in fifth grade and wanting to have a cool outfit.”

Following the interview’s debut, Ye’s views have been compared to his infamous Twitter ‘rants’, which have seen Kanye in the press for much of this year. On the subject of such tweets, Ellen asked the “Bound 2” star if he should have a “board of directors” to control what goes out on his social media, to which he responded “absolutely not” – saying he regrets none of his outbursts, and doesn’t see the value in stopping to consider tweets before sending, saying;

“What’s the point of thinking?”

Yeezy at his "Season 2" collection showcase
Yeezy at his “Season 2” collection showcase


Comparing today’s social state of affairs to a renaissance period, Mr West said;

“We’re not in a place where people can only have one career, one profession throughout their entire life. I see the importance in the value of everyone being able to experience a more beautiful life.”

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

With the artist having added designer, father-of-two and video game designer to his repertoire since finding fame first as a producer and rapper, we at SPICE don’t doubt that Ye is living proof of his proclamations. We will await the fruition of Kanye’s plans to change the World though, while his infamous style of conversation on the Ellen Degeneras Show having stolen the planet’s attention for another week.

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