Thursday, June 8, 2023

Karl Lagerfeld Designs New Karl-Inspired Wardrobe for Barbie

Karl Lagerfeld, the infamous couturier and creative director at Chanel, has been invited to design plastic icon Barbie’s fall wardrobe.

What Lagerfeld has imagined will be sold as a collector’s edition of the doll, seeing her rock Lagerfeld’s signature style; a black blazer, a white men’s shirt with starched collar, a black satin tie and some fitted black jeans.

It’s said – as all outfits should – Barbie’s new look will also include chic accessories, like a pair of black fingerless gloves, boots and a leather clutch with metallic embellishment – pretty much all the things Karl is seen wearing himself.


Mattel (Barbies manufacturer) said in a statement about the project;

“Working with Karl Lagerfeld for this unique creative collaboration has been an incredible honour. It’s not every day that Barbie dresses like the world’s most famous fashion designer.”

Details as per when the “Lagerfeld Barbie” will go on sale will be released in the coming months, probably marking the first time grown up women are more excited by a Barbie than little girls are.

In the meantime, see a sketch of what to expect, below;


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