Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Karl Lagerfeld Relaunches Fragrance Category with Two New Eaus

Celebrated designer Karl Lagerfeld has announced the relaunch of his fragrance category, with two new signature scents – one for men and the other, for women.


The women’s eau de parfum was developed by Serge Majoullier and Christine Nagel, while the men’s eau de toilette was created by Christophe Hérault.


Lagerfeld said of the project:


“I don’t believe in projects that come together too slowly; having too much time is very bad. It’s like cooking: Eat it when it’s hot.”

KL fem

The women’s scent includes notes of lemon, peach, rose and magnolia, and is represented in the ad campaign by Kati Nescher, while Karl reveals that the men’s scent:


“Is really 100 per cent what I’m using for the moment.”


Both fragrances are available from this week at Harrods.

KL men
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