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Katchie Nzama Is Travelling Through 22 African Countries to ‘Break Borders’

In post-colonized Africa, some Africans still suffer xenophobic attacks in other countries, and like every other prejudice, it is born out of ignorance and misconceptions. Katchie Nzama wants to help change that.

(Photo: Katchie Nzama)

(Photo: Katchie Nzama)

In her project, cleverly dubbed Breaking Borders, she aims to unite Africans and plans to travel across Africa from the North to the South. With this project, she plans to educate Africans about their continent, share cultural similarities and celebrate differences while crushing any misconceptions that people may have about other cultures. She also plans to document African travel, cultures and heritage from an African’s perspective.

Africa consists of 54 countries of which 7 are independent islands. There are over a billion people living in Africa, an estimated 2000 languages spoken, and diverse religions.

Katchie plans to use any local transport in each country – trains, ferries, motorbikes, buses, taxis etc.

(Photo: Katchie Nzama)

(Photo: Katchie Nzama)

Her Travel Route

Tunisia – Algeria – Mauritania – Senegal – The Gambia – Guinea Bissau – Guinea – Sierra Leone – Liberia – Ivory Coast – Ghana – Togo – Benin – Nigeria – Cameroon – São Tomé and Príncipe – Equatorial Guinea – Gabon – The Republic of the Congo – Angola – Namibia – South Africa.

She’ll be on the road for six to seven months spending about a week in each country, where she will visit at least 2 different locations. Katchie plans to share her journey with the world through daily Facebook updates, tweets and Instagram posts, live video streams and a weekly travel diary blog post.

After the expedition, she plans on compiling content and memories in a variety of ways including a personalized travel guide of the countries she visits, a travel memoir that she intends to self-publish and travel postcards.

(Photo: Katchie Nzama)

(Photo: Travel With Katchie)

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