Monday, October 2, 2023

Kenya to Host New Fashion Week in Mombasa City April’14

Created by co-founders Patricia Mbela and John Chacha, Kenya will see a third fashion week held this year – this time in the sun-laden city of Mombasa.

Time will tell if this will go on to become an annual event, but for now, plans are to bring fashion and music to catwalks in Kenya this April, with shows taking place over Easter, from 17th – 20th of April.

Said fashion shows will be produced by Namibian-born Jan Malan – one of Africa’s most prominent producers – with an overall theme for the new style week being ‘Under the African Skies’.

The Mombasa Fashion Week’s aim is to generate publicity for Kenyan talents and create a platform for idea-sharing and support between designers. With the event, which will include a fashion market and live performances from leading Kenyan musicians, being the first of its kind to come out of the coast region, we expect to see a lot of interest and excitement. The team have also promised a surprise African act will perform.

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Image source: MCFW

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