Monday, June 5, 2023

KFC Launch Edible, ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ Nail Varnish Range

Top fast-food chicken brand, KFC have just shocked the cosmetics world, by launching their own range of nail varnish – edible polish, flavoured with their iconic ‘Original Recipe’.

Launched in China this week, the polishes are the brain child of advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, and made entirely from edible ingredients: spice blends captured in starch, and vegetable gum added so that the concotion sticks to your fingertips.


The products, designed to take KFC beyond fast food industry and create a ‘lifestyle’ around the brand, contain zero preservatives, meaning that the polish has a lifespan of just a few days, and can’t be used more than once after opening – a draw back for anyone wanting to make a habit of wearing the chicken-flavoured polish on a regular basis (they’d have to buy fresh bottles every time the colour chipped), though we at SPICE don’t imagine anyone seeking edible polish would be buying it for the wearability.


And of the colour, the range currently boasts just two shades – a nude called ‘Original’ and a hot sauce-coloured polish, named ‘Hot & Spicy’; the hues bottled in rather elegant packaging, and brandishing the ‘Finger-Lickin’ Good” slogan that’s synonymous with the brand.

Just one shade will be available to buy though, with followers asked to vote for their favourite on KFC’s Facebook page, with Ogilvy & Mather’s marketing director Anna Mugglestone explaining to Buzzfeed;

“Once we get the responses, we expect to go into mass production in the third or fourth quarter of this year.”


While Team SPICE applaud the fast-food company’s daring exploration into cosmetics, we aren’t sure we’d want chicken flavouring on our fingertips all day – but what about you? Would you buy the range?

Tell us what you think to KFC’s new edible nail polish online, and which brands you hope will follow suit, by tagging us in your thoughts @SPICETVAFRICA.

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