Monday, May 29, 2023

Kim Kardashian Is Launching 3 New Fragrances For Valentines

Mama Chi is here to make Valentine’s Day more special for perfume lovers, especially for most soccer loving men who will most likely have to make it up to their partners for ghosting because of the line up of games happening on that day.

The reality star has announced the launch of her second fragrance line, her first being the crystal themed Gardenia line she launched in November 2017. If the new kimoji inspired fragrance is anything like the previous collection which sold millions on the first day, then Kim K is about to smile all the way to bank and record major success barely 60 days into the new year.


kkw kimoji inspired fragrance


Kim took to her Instagram page to post a first look of the new fragrance, with the caption;

“Will you be our Valentine? @kimoji Heart fragrances coming 02.01 💜KKWFRAGRANCE.COM.” Going by KKW Fragrance’s Instagram, there will be three Kimoji Heart perfumes, each in a pastel, candy-heart-shaped bottle. The pink is named “BFF,” the purple “Ride or Die,” and the mint “BAE.”


kim kardashian west perfume


People have started speculating on what the new fragrance will smell like and how much it will cost, since these information hasn’t been announced. Whatever the case may be, we are for the reviews when it does hot the market. The new fragrance is set to hit stands on the 1st of February 2018.

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