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Kim Kardashian Is The New Cover Girl For Elle Magazine April Issue

Kim Kardashian is the new cover girl for Elle Magazine April 2018 issue. Kim Kardashian who is always down to break the internet agreed to join ELLE in a new venture. Kim Kardashian did not only agree to share wit ELLE her personal daily routine an family principles but she agreed to send special messages and personalized covers with names of  lucky subscribers on ELLE.

kim kardashian on the cover of elle magazine

Kim Kardashian is popularly known for her role in the reality Tv show Keeping up with the Kardashians, the 37 year old reveled to ELLE her pregnancy journey and also gives reasons why four children would be her maximum. Kim Kardashian acknowledges the silence of her home even with the presence of three children, according to her  “My kids just aren’t that loud. My daughter has a friend over; they’re in the playroom. But they’re outdoorsy. My dog’s even quiet; it’s the craziest thing.”

 Kim was interviewed by an ELLE correspondent named Molly Young, Molly went over to Kims house on a Saturday and got an insight into Kims life as a mum and entrepreneur. According to Molly , “An employee brings a tray with a glass mug of black tea sweetened with coconut milk. It’s the precise color of Kim’s skin, which is clearly an accident, but that I wonder about it tells you something about Kim’s maestro-like control over her surroundings. Her staff is dressed in head-to-toe black, with no logos or patterns on their clothing. In fact, there doesn’t appear to be any branding whatsoever on the premises. Even the water bottle Kim offers me has its sleeve carefully peeled off. “It’s a label-less house,” kim says, gesturing around the room, which is indeed composed of Rothko-esque color fields in beige and greige.”

kim kardashian on the cover of elle magazine

Molly goes ahead to tell us why Kim Kardashians house is logo-less “The most obvious explanation for the lack of commercial noise is that her home doubles as a film set. And as is the case in movies and scripted series, reality TV requires the “Greeking”—blacking out or blurring—of logos in order to avoid trademark infringement. Also, if you’re a Kardashian, a clearly marked product in your house (or hand) is as good as an ad. And ads come with a price tag.”

Kim may appear on TV as an ectravagant person but really she loves simple thing and declusters her surroundings as often as possible , this extends to deleting all data o her mobile phone daily except its a current conversation, Kim tells Molly “My life is chaotic, so my home is super simple.Everything has to be clean. No clutter. I can’t have a full phone, at the end of the day, I delete everything that’s not a current conversation. If I need some information, then I keep it. If not, it has to be deleted. I can’t see too much noise.”

The reality super star goes ahead to speak on her husbands behalf  “If Kanye had a dream project, it would be to make a Yeezy product line—like deodorant, every product you could imagine. He would redo them all; he hates how they look.”

Kim is definitely a handful, to read the full interview CLICK HERE


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