Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Kim Kardashian Suffers Backlash Over Aaliyah Halloween Costume

Halloween is one of the anticipated holidays of the year, where everyone gets to channel their creativity and play dress up. From extremely spooky outfits and makeup to retakes on looks from celebrities. The best part of Halloween has to be the part where you get to dress up as whoever you want to, but we guess some people cant get away with their outfit choice.


Reality TV star and multi-million entrepreneur Kim Kardashian is once again facing backlash on social media. this time, it is over one of her looks for this year’s Halloween. The mum of two made it known that her outfits were chosen with the aim of paying homage to female music icons.

kim kardashian aaliyah halloween costume

Kim dressed and Best friend Jonathan dressed up as Cher and sonny, she also channeled an old look of the King and Queen of pop, with her sister Kourtney. Her third outfit, in which she dressed as the late Princes of RnB Aaliyah had people talking.

kim kardashian aaliyah costume

Although she nailed the look perfectly, some social media users thought it was wrong and racist of her to dress up as a late African-American musician because of difference in skin color. While some claimed that there is absolutely nothing wrong in her costume choice and claimed those mad at Kim, just want a reason to come at her.

The Kardashian and Jenner sisters are not strangers to backlash on social media, as a result of their supposed naiveté. But we can’t help but wonder if she really deserved the backlash she is getting for this particular outfit choice, especially because her intention was to celebrate music icons.

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